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Magical Memories For Your Wedding
A Magical Wedding

Wedding entertainment is often the last thing you think about when planning a wedding, after all there must be a thousand and one other things that need to be done. But it's one of the most important aspects when it comes to pleasing your guests. When you plan your wedding and reception, be sure to keep Steve Dixon in mind. He's added to the fun and enjoyment of many weddings. He can make yours just as special.

"WOW, What fun!! Steve did a great job entertaining the guests while they were being served their entrees for dinner. He is awesome and he never ceases to amaze me as well as the other guests at the wedding. I highly recommend him as an added touch for entertainment."
Marcia Stewart
Wedding Coordinator
Steve can offer you

Strolling Magic to greet your guests......
Close-up Magic to break the ice............
Table Magic to bond new friendships.....

Mix them all up and
Make your Special Day..... MAGICAL
Magical wedding entertainment with Steve Dixon, is not just pick a card, find a card magic, well it's not when you choose Steve to entertain at your wedding reception!

With the magic happening inches away from your guests, and sometimes in their own hands you can be sure that people will be talking about your wedding entertainment choices for many months after the event.

Strolling Magic
Strolling magic gives your guests the opportunity to mix with and even surround the magician during the performance. This style of wedding magic is ideal for the less formal setting, such as a buffet, while your guests are arriving or even when the photographs are being taken.

During the reception, Steve will entertain small groups of your guests without the need for cumbersome props because the magic is quite literally in his hands and more often than not, in the hands of your guests.

Close-up Magic
Close-up magic is probably the most amazing form of personal entertainment that your guests can experience.

With the magic happening literally inches away from their eyes, everyone watching will have the opportunity to share in this unique and intimate experience of a close-up mini magical cabaret.

Steve performs with warmth and humour, captivating his audience and leaving them totally spellbound with his mysteries.

Table Magic
Table magic is a mixture of Strolling magic and Close-up magic. It can be performed while your guests are being seated and/or between the individual courses of the wedding reception. Working with the venue staff, Steve ensures his performance never interferes with the meal or speeches.

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