Monroe Central High School Drug Free Schools

Professional Magician
Stephen A. Dixon

85 Belavista Dr.
Marietta, Ohio 45750

Drugs the Delusion
My goal is to bring out the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as the consequences of bad choices through the medium of illusion and lecture. I also address self-esteem and peer pressures. By using illusion I bring out the point that an illusion is when I fool you, but a delusion is when you fool yourself. It doesnít matter what we believe, itís what's real that matters.
Monroe Central High School SAAD Group

Steve with Kathy Morrow's Fourth Grade Class, Warren Elementary, February 2nd, 2010
I am certified and trained as a public facilitator as well as a trainer of facilitators on public forums on drug and alcohol as well as violence by O.D.A.D.A.S (Ohio Department of Alcohol Drug Assistance Services) .
I am certified and trained as a teacher for the A.C.T.S. , (Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series) Program through Juvenile and Adult Probate Court System. In which the offender is required to attend as part of their probation in and out of the detention facilities.
I am a certified speaker for P.A.N.D.A. in Ohio.
I am a certified speaker for Target Ambassadors Clubs in WV.
I am a certified speaker for National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Ohio, WV. And St.Louis, Mo.
I have been doing Drug and Alcohol programs in schools and for the court systems for the last eighteen years.
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My program was created at the request of a High School Principal. He was afraid many of his students would be hurt at the annual Prom. By midyear his school had already lost six students to drunk driving and/or drug overdoses. After my program 95% of the student body signed the Prom Promise. This Principal later called to report there had been no substance abuse incidents. A first for that school's Prom night.
Steve's Corner: What's an Illusion?
An illusion is where I fool you. A delusion is where you fool yourself.