Stephen Dixon
Professional Magician And Former Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald was born in 1963 to promote McDonald's restaurant chain. A smiling, friendly clown , he’s been in many commercials. This successful advertising campaign still continues to draw in thousands to purchase McDonalds' Happy Meal.
"Fast Food Nation" (2001),says 96 percent of US schoolchildren can identify Ronald McDonald. Only Santa Claus is more well known.
Being a Ronald McDonald has been a career highlight. It was great fun. For about five years I’d visit McDonald restaurants and be the star of parades. I learned crowd control and product recognition. “Ronald” taught me lessons that carried into my professional career.
Kids of ALL ages love Ronald!
"The Look"
The makeup time is thirty minutes to an hour for application. It is the same makeup application that the Ringling Brothers Clowns use. It is sealed with powder. A child can touch Ronald’s face and get only a little powder on them with no smearing of the makeup. My selection by the McDonald’s corporation and Leo Burnett advertising through Fogran and Martin advertising agencies was for my ability to project energy, warmth and compassion that reflected the desired brand image. Also because my look in make-up was like the first Ronald Mc Donald’s face. I have to admit to a certain amount of pride. Being a "Ronald" is an elite distinction.

The boots actually were quite comfortable in later years and were made to fit each Ronald’s feet inside with a crepe sole. Only the earlier ones were painful.
Here I am in Dayton Oh.